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OPCOM® Farm’s line of advanced indoor gardening systems enable anyone to easily grow their favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts, flowers, fruits, and even medicine plants all year round. These next-generation soil-free gardens use hydroponic growing technology and proprietary full spectrum LED grow lights to enable 25% faster growth and approximately 90% less water than outdoor gardening. In addition, they eliminate the traditional challenges of weeding, pests and weather, enabling anyone to grow fresh vegetables even during winter.

A comparison of the three OPCOM® Farm systems and other units on the market:


OPCOM® Farm systems can provide 50-75 plants substantial large quantity vegetables, to cover much of a family’s needs. The units can also grow food for a business, for example to use in a company cafeteria or in a restaurant. For indoor gardens with high yields, the OPCOM® Farm’s energy and water usage statistics are quite impressive.



Key Feature

GrowBox :

Open frame design can accommodate plants over 3 feet tall or vining plants. GrowBox’s optional flower plant kit have extra 800W professional sunlight simulated growing light that can light up 6 feet tall plant. The function is perfect for the professional user, even for growing the medicine plant is possible.

GrowFrame :

Versatile intuitive design let it can be easily placed on the table, like a farm in the kitchen; or hang on the wall vertically as a garden decoration/ living art, like an air purifier can brings fresh air.

The energy-efficient auto mode controls light and water cycles, while using only 0.44kW of electricity daily.

GrowWall :

Space-saving, vertical design against larger capacity by 75 plants . It grows a variety of vegetables and herbs on five different levels. GrowWall is the best garden wall, it can creates an amazing decoration in office, classroom and restaurant.   

Growing vegetables and herbs inside, there are no worries about your food being affected by air and water pollution, absorbing heavy metals from the soil, or having pesticide residues to compromise your health. Additionally there are no concerns about the weather (even in the cold and dark winter season still can enjoy fresh lettuce in home) and no experience as a gardener is needed. In just a few simple steps, your OPCOM® Farm can start providing crops of vegetables for your family, which feels like having a farm inside your house.

Vegetables recommended by OPCOM® Farm:

                                                   (Best air purifier)                                          (9 kinds of indoor plants that recommended by NASA)      


OPCOM® Farm can grow several kinds of indoor plants for air purification that are recommended by NASA. They can eliminate toxins from the air such as TRICHLOROETHYLENE, FORMALDEHYDE, BENZENE, XYLENE and AMMONIA; particulate matters that have been found to cause cancer. At the same time, they use excess CO2 and produce OXYGEN and NEGATIVE IONS which are beneficial for us.


Summary of plants that can thrive in OPCOM® Farm systems.

Garden plants:

Farm plants:



GrowBox :

OPCOM® Farm helps you easily grow vegetables, herbs, flowers or any plants. The units are perfect for homes, offices, classrooms, restaurants and hospitals. You can breathe fresher indoor air, eat toxin-free vegetables, and beautify the indoor environment, all at the same time. Upon its launch in the United States, the OPCOM® Farm line created a lot of interest and it has enjoyed a great media response in the American market.

GrowBox at Anywhere
GrowWall at Anywhere

Next Generation

OPCOM® Farm – Your 24H Private FARMER!!

OPCOM® Farm – Your Exclusive indoor FOREST!!

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