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OPCOM Group with Taiwan capital was funded in Taipei 1993 , with 500 staff.We started from first CCD camera production in China  with full line transfer from Japan, and FDA approved-laser pointer production.  

Invest first wafer-based  camera process in class10 clean room from Japan to China in 2001 , vertical integration advanced process from wafer package, optics assembly, mold tooling, injection , machining, SMT and F.A. robot final assembly…full line in house, there are more than 100-million camera modules and 40-million laser products delivered to consumers in security, telecommunication and automotive, medical industries worldwide, as well as  ISO 9001 / 14001 / TS 16949 , and medical ISO13485 / China sFDA-3/ QSR820-FDA certifications.

Today, OPCOM Group has been a  global Conglomerate, with 2 business units of OPCOM Medical BU/ OPCOMLink BU with cloud control system and global OEM/ODM business. With 5 International Divisions of head factory in Dongguan,China / Japan design and marketing office/ USA OPCOMLink sales office / China sales office in Xiamen and new plan Germany medical device production, also investment 3 company in Taiwan for molding glass lens manufacture , IC design house and products design house.

With over 20 years’ excellent experience for global tier-1 customers and USA superstore service , OPCOM’s commitment to deliver quality products and break through technologies that surpasses expectations. 

OPCOM O.E.(Dongguan) Inc.

OPCOM O.E.(Dongguan) Inc. set up in 2001, with 400 staff. all in one factory with state-of-the-art Class vertical integration advanced process from wafer package, optics assembly, mold tooling, injection , machining, SMT and F.A. robot final assembly…full line in house , include the sensor package, image camera module production and all OEM/ODM products manufacturing with monthly million pcs scale.

-- ISO 9001 / 14001 / 13485 / TS 16949 / China SFDA-3 certified.
-- Passed over 10 tier-1 semi-conductor supplier audit and service over 15 global top level customers.
-- More than 100-million camera module and 40-million laser products delivered.
-- More than 400Kpcs endoscope camera module delivery for medical application with 7 ODM products passed FDA.
-- Own Auto test platform and factory automation robot system design.

With global expert engineering team and vertical integration production line, provided high quality products time to global market, is what our honor record in past 20 years . We will dedicate ourselves to advance technology pioneer into future.

OPCOM Japan Inc.

OPCOM Japan Inc. was founded in 2009 in Tokyo, with expert team leaders each over 30years industry experience in CCD,CMOS sensor and digital camera in Japan .

OPCOM Japan team achieved the Q sensor design include world smallest sensor 0.3mm Q3 and 0.75mm Q7, and advanced dentist application with USB3.0 5MP Tooth 3D Scan Camera and USB3.0 180degree wide angle oral camera manufacturing in Japan.  

OPCOM Japan will dedicate high technology core into sensor and camera development ,to serve professional dental applications and support OPCOM Group to keep leading position in global market.


OPCOMLink USA Inc. was build in 2014, a global pioneer in OPCOMLink product line is entering US market to provide.

Smart & Simple solutions and sales service directly to the end user.  

OPCOM Link is offering OPCOM Home, OPCOM Care, OPCOM Dome and OPCOM Farm products, Apps and secured cloud services at unmatched value, straight from our factory to our customers. Let us pass our significant savings to you by ordering online and giving you value for your money.

With professional service and dedicate on cloud industry, we devote the people Living smart and simple.

OPCOMMedical Germany Inc.

OPCOMMedical Germany Inc. will be official build in the coming 2015, with 1200meter square factory space and the teams was in 20 years’s service in endoscope development and production background in local Germany.

Localized production line set up in Germany, assembly will handle the endoscopy from the advance bending section design, stainless of waterproof, and fiber assembly & mechanical design , with Mother company’s 20years experience in imaging , optics and lighting, we dedicated to high quality medical device manufacturing, enabled by solid process control and technical expertise.

with the products “made in Germany” and “local sales /service in Germany intergrating Germany process and sprit, being a leader of new revolution technology products and challenge to win the top level flexible endoscope with OPCOM Brand in Germany.

Core Competence

To backup vast success in components designs and productions, OPCOM possesses strong R&D teams located in Japan and Taiwan for integrating optical technology, electronic engineering, infrastructure, software programming, and industrial design into the design of key optical electronic components such as image sensor, optical lens, video processing engine, laser dice, LED dice and LCD. With state-of-the-art Class 10 clean-room wafer dicing, COB, SMT, mould tooling, and assembly facilities located in Taiwan and China, as well as ISO 9001 / 14001 / 13458 / TS 16949 certifications from SGS, the innovative value of OPCOM products and services are simply beyond the horizon.




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